Moving to Madrid?

We have a dedicated international community with families from Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, England, and Libya. Our teaching staff is also international, half are native English speakers and several have received their educational training in the USA. Our headmistress is Spanish-American, dedicated to introducing the language and culture of both countries to the classroom.

City Country School focuses on building bridges to community among the various cultures represented at the school. Children in the Early Childhood program learn in a predominantly Spanish-speaking environment, with specific targeted activities in English.

The Lower Elementary Program is bilingual and a fully immersed English-speaking classroom is achieved in Upper Elementary. Each classroom has a native English-speaking teacher to provide extra guidance and support to children working on mastery of the Spanish language.

Additionally, a third language and culture, Japanese, is introduced to the students at the Elementary level through the practice of Aikido.

Relocating your family to a new country, a new climate, and new culture can be stressful. We understand, having gone through many of these hurdles ourselves. We welcome the chance to assist in smoothing the transition.

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