• Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia

    I was born in Madrid. My great interest in childhood and education began with the birth of my first niece eighteen years ago. Me interesé por la infancia y la educación a partir del nacimiento de mi primera sobrina, hace 18 años. I have pursued my interest in education since then, resulting in my discovery of Educación Creadora, which I have been pracaticing since my training in 2013. My work consists in transferring the pedagogy of Educación Creadora , originally developed through painting, to other materials and situations, I am delighted to be able to bring this to City Country School. I studied philosophy at the Universidad Autonoma, Madrid.

  • Claudia Kammel
    Claudia Kammel

    I was born in Braunschweig, Germany. I have always been fascinated by other countries and cultures. After backpacking across half of the globe (literally) and receiving my university degree in Geography, I came to Spain to live. I have always liked to organize, developing this talent through work in tour operators and hotels, and, with the birth of my daughter. I have been the school secretary and accountant since the beginning. I like being reliable and reliability in others, and I love to take care of my family (including the animals!). Licenciada en Geografía, Universidades de Bayreuth y Trier, ambas en Alemania.

  • Gretchen Louise Hanger
    Gretchen Louise Hanger

    I was born in the great state of Minnesota: land of 10,000 lakes. In my childhood my family moved around a lot in the US – Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, and back to Minnesota – so there´s no one place I call home. A sense of adventure and desire for experiencing new places, followed me into my adult life. After college I moved to Beijing, China, to teach English. After completing my Montessori training in China, I moved to Vietnam where I helped to develop a newly-opened school in Ho Chi Minh City. My newest adventure is here in Madrid at City Country School. I love the team in Children´s House, and we have quite a great group of children and parents, as well! I love the school’s and parents’ commitment to the Montessori philosophy, and feel right at home in the heart of Spain. Altogether I have ten years of Montessori experience, and I´m looking forward to the next ten! B.A. Oberlin College, USA; Montessori certificate, EMTTA, Beijing; TEFL, Global English.

  • Icíar García Calvo
    Icíar García Calvo

    I was born in Madrid. I especially like dance and cinema and, of course, listening to people playing their instruments. I really enjoy my classes with children. I have my degree in violin. I studied in the Music Conservatories of Madrid and Brussels. I am also trained in Suzuki Method in Lyon and Rolland Pedagogy in London. I have the Montessori Children ́s House Assistant training.

  • Iván Fiel
    Iván Fiel

    I am from Madrid and am trained as a technical architect, though my true passion, which has gone from being a hobby to being my profession, is Aikido. I hope to transmit, with the greatest possible precision, what I have felt and has been transmitted to me by my Aikido masters in Japan.

  • Joanne Elizabeth Miller
    Joanne Elizabeth Miller

    I was born on the beautiful island of Newfoundland, or what many Canadians refer to as “the Far East of the western world.” As a child I constantly sought out new learning experiences and quickly discovered my passion for languages, music and dance. After completing my university studies, I began teaching English in Nagoya, Japan, the real Far East. Eventually I found my home West of Japan and East of Canada in the middle of Spain. After several years of teaching at the British Council, our family was introduced to a unique educational endeavour called City Country School. I am thrilled to have joined its stellar teaching team and am thoroughly committed to the values and vision of this school. B.A. University of King’s College; Masters of Montessori Education – Elementary (ongoing), Montessori Canela, CELTA, University of Cambridge, TYLEC, Trinity College London; Music Together Teacher Training, Bologna.

  • Josu de Andrés
    Josu de Andrés

    I was born in San Sebastián. I lived there until I completed my Master in Engineering. I moved to Madrid when I found my first job. The question ‘Why do we learn?’ made me change my life from Engineering to Education, first in the spare time and then in the public school system. But what I saw in the school didn’t match the child’s natural joy of learning, and after a long research I discovered Montessori. I felt in love with the way Maria Montessori interconnects everything, and the respect that she shows for the child. I consider the school should be an opportunity to discover the life, where children can follow the nature, and where we adults can offer the child a safe space of joy and discovery. Ingeniero de Telecomunicaciones, UPV. Magisterio, UAH. Máster Guía de Primaria, Montessori Canela.

  • Mari Carmen Martín Peñalver
    Mari Carmen Martín Peñalver

    I was born in Toledo. I come from the world of mathematics, from a world of exactitude, in which everything is demonstrable. Becoming a mother changed my path and now I am dedicated to childhood and convinced of the value of a Montessori education as a base from which each child can remain authentic throughout his/her life. I like to make things, especially if I can recycle materials: miniatures, toys, didactic materials, soap. I also like to travel. I have three children, one of whom is in Children’s House and one of whom is in Elementary. Licenciada en Ciencias Matemáticas especialidad Ciencias de la Computación, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Asistente Children House; Guía Elementary 6-9, North American Montessori Center; Guía Children’s House, cursando, AMI.

  • Marie Hoffman
    Marie Hoffman

    I am from Dublin, Ireland. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new countries and their people and cultures. I have taught in the US, Ireland, China and now Spain! I have over 20 years experience in the classroom and in administration. My biggest passion is Montessori, I think of it as a life style not just a method of education! I enjoy learning languages and really enjoy arts and crafts! I have a daughter in the Children’s House. Advanced Diploma in Montessori Education, St Nicholas Montessori College, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Sarah Cardelús
    Sarah Cardelús

    I was born in Madrid and raised in several countries, becoming a New Yorker at sixteen. I moved to Spain in 2001. Education has been a lifelong passion to which I have dedicated myself professionally since 2007. My other passions are poetry, food, research, deep breathing and walks in the countryside. B.A. Barnard College; MA, MPhil Columbia University; MFA Sarah Lawrence College; Montessori Elementary Training, Center for Montessori Teacher Education, New York.

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